We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our community and we take it as our sacred responsibility to give back whenever and wherever we can. Starting with our local neighborhoods and businesses Back to Eden is actively involved in growing a healthy local community through school fundraisers, non-profit donations, event sponsorships and participation.  

Organizations we have supported:

Sisters of the Road ・  Bitch Media ・ OPB ・ Rock n Roll Camp for Girls ・ Feral Cat Coalition of OR ・ YWCA ・ Multnomah County Democrats ・  Bike Farm ・ Portland Rescue Mission ・ Unite Oregon ・ Standing Rock Sioux ・ Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary ・ NAYA ・ NAMI ・ Bicycle Transportation Alliance ・ Naraya Cultural Preservation ・ Basic Rights Oregon Council ・ Outside In ・ Planned Parenthood ・ ACLU ・ SPLC ・ Native American Rights Foundation ・ Stand ・ The Serendipity Center ・ Trans Women of Color Collective ・ Trans Justice ・ Earth Justice ・ Unite Oregon ・ Pigs Peace Sanctuary ・ In other Words ・ PDX Walk for Animals ・ Farm Sanctuary ・ NW Veg ・ Green Acres Farm Sanctuary ・ Habitat for Humanity ・ Alberta Main Street ・ Call to Safety ・ Lewis and Clark Student Animal Legal Defense Fund ・ Bike Farm ・ Farm Animal Rights Movement ・ Make a Wish Foundation ・ Cascade Aids Project ・ Queer Rock Camp ・ Animal Aid ・ Wildcat Haven ・ Urban Collective ・ Try Vegan PDX ・ PAWA ・ Fences for Fido ・ Wildwood Farm Sanctuary ・ Portland Rescue Mission ・ One Tail at a Time ・ Kinship House ・ Youth Social Forum ・ Oregon Spay and Neuter ・ Chimpanzee Sanctuary ・ Giving Tree ・ Pangea Project ・ Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary ・ Oregon Astrological Association


Our first commitment will always remain to stewarding this planet we are all lucky enough to call home. We believe “tread as lightly as possible" and "plant something in return” to be our two most essential mottos. In our operation we source only plant based ingredients (organic and/or sustainable whenever possible), we recycle everything we can, compost all food scraps, use natural cleaning products, offer compostable and/or recyclableto-go ware, and donate our coffee grounds to a local backyard garden. We recognize that we are indebted to this planet we call home and will always strive to minimize our ecological footprint however we can.